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  South London Sanding Services    


Using the latest in machine technology, creating minimal dust, we are floor sanding in Kent, London and South London, renovating natural wood floors to the highest of standards. Whether you have just discarded those dirt hoarding carpets or simply require your varnished floor to be re-furbished, call us now for a free quotation.




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We use the finest quality lacquers and oils, scientifically designed and developed in the UK, Sweden and Germany. Mylands, Bona Kemi, and Pallmann are World leaders in floor products, which means both looks and durability are more than catered for when covering your newly sanded floor. Whether you require a clear or stained, matt, satin or gloss finishes, our team will always be able to satisfy your requirements.


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We prefer to use the word 'Lacquer' for the finishing coat material, as it is a water-based product as against previous coatings known as varnish which were predominently a spirit/solvent based product and far less eco friendly of course...


This is your floor so you decide on the finish, whether it be matt, satin or gloss your technician for the day will have everything you need on-board. And while we are talking about lacquer, it is also worth checking out the possibilities of using a semi-industrial quality or even a full industrial quality lacquers in areas exposed to what we call "heavy-traffic", like public thoroughfares, hallways, kitchens and childrens playrooms. Our heavy duty coverings are designed and developed in Sweden and Germany with extreme applications such as sports halls taken into consideration, so they are no mean feat for even the busiest household use.



Generally speaking, if the job is pretty straight forward and free from repairs, one pair of technicians will sand, seal and varnish/lacquer a lounge or dining room and maybe a hallway, within 3 - 4 days. Likewise, similarly, a through lounge can also be turned around within a week. Of course, we are talking about rooms free of carpet and all furniture, and that access can be gained at around 8am.


In extreme circumstances, and only in extreme cases, we can work around the odd piece of furniture. In a through lounge for instance, we can place a few articles of furniture at one end, complete the showing floor, wait until dry and move the furniture back to sand and complete the rest. This does of course add time and additional cost to the job.


We must point out that just about every floor, (especially pine floor boards) will require some form of repair as most houses have been tampered with by electricians and plumbers.

Unfortunately, after their work was complete a carpet was to be laid and attention to detail wasn't an issue, whereas, to sand a floor to a standard high enough to finish correctly requires all the boards to be of sound and stable fixing. We cannot emphasise enough, how important it is to fully repair your floor before we start sanding as the end product will benefit far more from this initial work.

Apart from standard pine floorboards sanded and sealed, we re-furbish all natural wood floors including oak, beech, maple, parquet fingers,block in mosaic, heringbone and all laid patterns.

This includes re-sanding floors that have already been sanded and varnished/laquered as these can easily be freshened up once again.


Whatever the style of floor we can carry out any repairs, including finger block and board replacement.


Fire hearths which have been filled in with concrete can be stripped out and boarded to match the existing pattern.


If 'live' woodworm is suspected, the on-site technicians will notify you and advise a suitable treatment.

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Over the past two years we have been heavily involved in the total refurbishment programme with restaurants newly aquired by the Brunning & Price group. They called upon our specialist skills to recover exotic and intricate manor house parquets, to transforming newly laid oak into an old english appearance with an aged 'care-worn' look to blend in with their corporate feel...