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  South London Sanding Services    


Using the latest in machine technology, creating minimal dust, we are floor sanding in Kent, London and South London, renovating natural wood floors to the highest of standards. Whether you have just discarded those dirt hoarding carpets or simply require your varnished floor to be re-furbished, call us now for a free quotation.




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We use the finest quality lacquers and oils, scientifically designed and developed in the UK, Sweden and Germany. Mylands, Bona Kemi, and Pallmann are World leaders in floor products, which means both looks and durability are more than catered for when covering your newly sanded floor. Whether you require a clear or stained, matt, satin or gloss finishes, our team will always be able to satisfy your requirements.

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Parquet Repairs...

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Household alterations like removing walls and fixed cupboards or wardrobes etc, can leave areas of floor bare of the wood blocks covering the rest of the floor. SLS can patch these areas in, using new or used blocks canibalised from an unused part of your floors, like an understairs cupboard or under a carpet perhaps. Either way, we have methods and processes to make them match the rest of the floor...

Whatever the poor state of your floors, SLS have a way of putting it right!

We have experience with disused hot air heating systems, typical of a 60's and 70's property. With a modern radiator system you won't be needing the ugly vents in the floor. SLS brace the ductwork, fill the hole and patch in the fingerblocks to match the surrounding floor.

Once sanded and finished you would never know the difference!

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Hot Air Vent Removal...

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