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Using the latest in machine technology, creating minimal dust, we are floor sanding in Kent, London and South London, renovating natural wood floors to the highest of standards. Whether you have just discarded those dirt hoarding carpets or simply require your varnished floor to be re-furbished, call us now for a free quotation.




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We use the finest quality lacquers and oils, scientifically designed and developed in the UK, Sweden and Germany. Mylands, Bona Kemi, and Pallmann are World leaders in floor products, which means both looks and durability are more than catered for when covering your newly sanded floor. Whether you require a clear or stained, matt, satin or gloss finishes, our team will always be able to satisfy your requirements.

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Gap Filling

Floorboards can be left with all the gaps showing if required, which keeps the original rustic or farmhouse look if preferred, though big wide (ugly) gaps can be infilled with pine strips to make good and neat.

The gaps can be filled if required, often to minimalise draughts and enhance the thermal qualities of the floor, also making the floor look far neater.

There are several ways to fill the joining gaps, and many websites/books etc will explain that the characteristics of natural timber offers many problems in this department, as there is natural movement from expansion and contraction, from temperature and humidity along with the flexing of the boards between joists especially in higher foot traffic areas such as doorways and halls etc.

Along with many other professionals, we also warn that although every necessary procedure is taken to prevent cracking and loss of filler, unfortunately it cannot be guaranteed.

However, we feel that our methods have proven to be most sucessful and still without complaint.

Each gap over the joists are raked out of any foreign particles, then pine slithers are individually cut to match each gap, placed and glued, often requiring over night drying time in larger areas. This gives a substantial base for the filler to adhere to and be supported. Once the floor has been taken to the penultimate sanding stage, the 60/grit stage, all the joins in the boards (already filled with glued slithers), will be further filled with a fine dust/resin mix and left to dry before the final sand.


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Raking Out...


Before the gaps in previously

filled and prepared floorboards

can be filled, all the existing

loose filler must be raked out

and removed.

Likewise, any building debris or dirt built up over the years can also be removed by raking out which takes considerable time and effort. The finished result will look far neater.