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Using the latest in machine technology, creating minimal dust, we are floor sanding in Kent, London and South London, renovating natural wood floors to the highest of standards. Whether you have just discarded those dirt hoarding carpets or simply require your varnished floor to be re-furbished, call us now for a free quotation.




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We use the finest quality lacquers and oils, scientifically designed and developed in the UK, Sweden and Germany. Mylands, Bona Kemi, and Pallmann are World leaders in floor products, which means both looks and durability are more than catered for when covering your newly sanded floor. Whether you require a clear or stained, matt, satin or gloss finishes, our team will always be able to satisfy your requirements.

earth stain options

Colours on Soft Pine...

Details on changing the pine floor colour from a natural finish.


Every soft pine floor when finished with a clear varnish or lacquer differ in colour, tone and shade, due to the era, type of pine, place of origin and the direction the timber was first sawn and prepared.

While most are happy with the natural finish, especially once coated with a professional lacquer, enhancing the grain and beautiful colours, it is sometimes requested that we dial out the unpopular “orangey-look”, unfortunately related to a certain types of pine.

Alternatively, there may be a colour change in attempt to match a piece of furniture, a preferred design within a magazine, or sheer preference to re-design the room for a personal feel.

There are two ways of changing the colour of your pine boards, firstly with coloured lacquer, though, they do blind-out the natural grain patterns, and the much preferred professional method of staining down with dye, which we now have a funky selection of options fresh from the Mylands latest range of Earth Stains. Don’t worry, you needn’t make a decision at this time as we can apply test patches for you to evaluate how the natural tone will appear before going for a change.

Deep, darker and definite colours benefit immensely from being applied as a dye or stain, directly to the fresh bare newly sanded timber. Although we greatly prefer the results from staining, they require over-night drying time costing slightly more than using coloured lacquer. Should you not be ready to make a decision at this stage, both options can be discussed with the technicians once on site.

(customer is required to be in attendance to make these decisions)


Masking skirting boards is a neccessary procedure when using

Coloured Lacquers...


PLEASE NOTE: With coloured laquer application, there is a need to mask the skirting boards to avoid discoloration.

Unfortunately, most decorated skirtings have been poorly

prepared, more often than not  you will experience a poor

standard of ‘keyed’ surfaces before priming etc. Because of

this there is a good chance that our masking tape could

remove some paint upon removal. This is another reason

why we prefer using the superior method of staining.

Should you be decorating over the same period as the floors

being prepared, it is advisable to leave the final two coats on

the skirting until after the floors are complete.

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